Dining out: a social event

Dining out: a social event
Dining out: a social event

Food is not simply a means to maintain the physical functions and to keep going on, it is a cultural artifact and tells a lot about the people eating it. Moreover, eating can be a social experience, as usually one does not eat on one’s own but in a group of people, either by sitting around the kitchen table with the family or by sharing a table in a restaurant.
In fact, dining out can be seen as a social event because it gives people the chance to try something that they have never prepared for themselves before and which widens their horizon for ingredients, taste and smell. And, if planned carefully, it can be healthy too.

A journey for all senses

A visit to a restaurant is something for the eye, the nose, the tongue, the skin and the ear alike. By making the decision to go to a specific restaurant, which has a distinctive look and design of furniture and table accessories, one can do the eye the first favour. Some restaurants even offer specific decorations for special days like Valentine’s Day to answer the wishes of the customers.

The theme music playing in the background, the audible sounds coming from the kitchen and maybe the language of the people running the restaurant are an experience for the ear. Once the meal is served, one takes in the odour of the vegetables, the meat and the sauces. And of course, eventually, one can taste the culture of a certain country and enjoy the good food. Sometimes, one even needs to use different table manners and eat with one’s fingers or with special cutlery.

Meeting friends at dinner

One of the best things of eating out is that one can meet friends in a café or bar and enjoy the newly discovered food location with each other. It can be great fun to also go back to one’s roots by choosing to enjoy some South African food in a local place. Maybe, one is even happy to find a coupon or a discount for a restaurant to save some money which can eventually be invested into an additional drink with the fellows.

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