Do your 40 seconds rhino dance and help raise awareness

Rhino Disharmony
Rhino Disharmony

Rhino Disharmony launches new campaign for World Rhino Day (22 September)

It takes just 40 seconds for a poacher to hack off a rhino horn so a new campaign is getting people all over the world to dance – do their own dance in their own way, and then post a 40-seconds clip onto their Facebook page tagging RhinoDisharmony or post directly to the RhinoDisharmony Facebook page.

In time for World Rhino Day on 22nd September, ‘the 40 Seconds rhino dance’ (#My40sforRhinos) campaign aims to creating awareness about the increasing and devastating levels of rhino poaching. Once someone has videoed their dance – and it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at dancing – the content must then be shared in order to spread the word and stimulate as much international awareness as possible. Rhino Disharmony Facebook page will be the main hub for this shared video content, uniting the world’s ‘rhino dancers’ together.

Rhino Disharmony’s international call to action means that everyone who cares about the fate of the rhino can make a contribution and record themselves or others doing the rhino dance on a cellphone, a camera or a video camera. The only rules are that you must mention why you’re doing the dance, keep the video to a maximum of 40 seconds’ duration, use the hashtag #My40sforRhinos (so we can follow and share your dance) and tag at least one person calling them to action.

Follow Rhino Disharmony, share and join thousands who are uniting against rhino poaching:
Facebook: RhinoDisharmony
Twitter: @RhinoDisharmony

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