Donuts brothers killed in Cape Town due to Fitness Training

Donuts brothers killed in Cape Town due to Fitness Training
Donuts brothers killed in Cape Town due to Fitness Training

Cape Town: Today afternoon the famous donuts brothers got killed in a brutal assassination in Cape Town, South Africa.

The brother named Cinnamon and Sugar stayed in their fridge home with other members of the food chain family when they were suddenly attacked by an overtrained fitness enthusiast.

The murderer was driven by a low sugar level and craving for carbohydrates. In a state of shock there was no escape for the brothers, especially as they had no legs…

The brutal slaughter took only seconds. Another victim of this horrible incident was a chocolate whey protein shake who joined the brothers shorty after.

May they rest in peace and the murderer may be punished with unwanted body fat…

You like my little story? It is a true one and it happened today in my kitchen.

But there is a serious reason why I am telling this.


A real danger for you and all unwanted members of the food chain like donuts, muffins etc.

I usually train 6 days in a row and then have 1 day off. I also take a day off whenever I have the feeling I need to.

This time I trained 8 days without a much needed day for recovery. Slowly I got overtrained and only noticed it when having a bad mood and was sleepy. But due to a few very hot summer days in Cape Town and because of  some restless nights I thought it might be this. But in fact it was the sum of all these reasons.

So this morning I was almost on my way to the gym, when I thought it would be good to take my training off day. And I also changed to my “All you can eat” day.

This is the reason why the poor donut guys, who had a good life in my fridge for a couple of days, had to die. Sorry about this guys. (Some brothers are left and might die soon… hehe)

But after this much needed rest day I feel much more energized and fresh. So tomorrow morning I will hit the gym again and go for a real good leg training.

Stay tuned and be always cautious when you see overtrained gym buddies. They might harm innocent donuts and bagels.

How do you deal with overtraining? When and how do you feel it?

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