Extreme Cape Town activities

Extreme Cape Town activities
Extreme Cape Town activities

Many associate Cape Town with an easy-going, if not lazy, atmosphere. Of people lounging all day in the sun or by the pool, letting sunny days drag on into warm nights. But this misses a wealth of activity that happens constantly.

After all, Cape Town is the city that produced 25-year old Monde Sitole, who has climbed, on all seven continents, the highest mountains in the world.

But for those of us who aren’t remarkable twenty-somethings, there are some more down to Earth activities to get the blood flowing.
Sharks everywhere
As Oregon Live reports: “Nowhere has more great white sharks on easy view than Gansbaai, South Africa, the so-called ‘great white shark capital of the world’.” Located just outside the Mother City, the ocean is filled with the most dangerous predators from the deep.

Great White Sharks hunt in enormous numbers and behave in ways seen nowhere else in the world: for example, they break the surface and fly out in a terrifying display of jaws and ocean, catching seals in their mouths. Tours are safe, go through rigorous safety-checks but are still riveting.

Falling safely
From the bottom of the ocean to the top of the skies, extreme activities can be found all over Cape Town. As one such service indicates: “Jumping out of a aeroplane at 10 000 feet above Cape Town and free falling for 25 – 30 seconds at 200 km per hour will absolutely blow you away! This much adrenaline should be illegal!”

Indeed, this is safer than it first appears. Many people assume the freefalling is what makes it dangerous, whereas it’s merely being properly prepared. A lot of work and security and assessment goes into making the activity as safe as possible. Almost anyone can do it, but the question is whether you’re brave enough.

Indeed, some people prefer skydiving with safe parachutes as opposed to bungy-jumping. And the Western Cape is home to the World’s Highest Commercial Bungy, the Bloukrans Bungy off the Bloukrans Bridge near Plettenberg Bay. At 216 m high, it is officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

Hiking and mountain biking
If you prefer your feet on the ground, you could always investigate the many areas to hike. Table Mountain is home to unique flora and fauna, seen nowhere else in the world. Added to this, using professional mountain bikes to journey across tricky terrain at fast speeds is also known to induce amazing adrenaline rushes.

Other activities
But Cape Town and the surrounding areas are filled with activities. Have a look at four-by-four trails, at any sailing school in Cape Town; visit zoos and wildlife parks to get close to nature; try world famous theme-park rides at Ratanga Junction. It’s never been easier to get the adrenaline pumping, despite being safe and in ways that takes you around the Mother City.

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