Fitness fun in Cape Town

Fitness fun in Cape Town
Fitness fun in Cape Town

We all want to be fit.But we don’t want to be bored while trying to get fit. That’s why so many of us want alternatives to the gym. We want activities which focus first on being fun rather than particularly challenging.
These spots encourage play with the added bonus of exercise.

This is why it is exciting for us to see Jump Around open in PaardenEiland.A playground for adults and kids, it’s a theme park designed to be entirely surrounded by trampolines. As the site says, Jump Around is “filled with 1000 square meters of trampoline fun so you can literally come and bounce off the walls”.

But it’s not just about free form jumping.

They also offer fun fitness activities which are proven to be as effective as any of the more boring exercises you’d do in a gym. Labelling it as Jump Fit, they say “10 minutes on a Trampoline burns as many calories as 30 minutes jogging. Bouncing on a trampoline reduces the impact on your limbs by 80% while making them stronger.”

It’s fun seeing these because jungle gyms have always been good for fitness, especially for children.Jump Around realises this and even offer classes for kids called Junior Jumpers,for children aged 3 to 5.

This means you and your children could all participate, while staying fit and having fun.

If bouncing around isn’t for you, how about trying safe and fun indoor rock-climbing with your kids?CityRock boasts that they “cater to many different audiences – from first timers, to kids to experienced outdoor climbers”. The environment is super friendly, with free wifi, a coffee shop and yoga studio. They even let you host birthday parties and office parties there.

Located in Observatory, you can get fit while having fun, even with the kids – in a safe environment. You get a cardio and muscle work out, while developing stronger limbs. And, importantly, it’s fun for everyone.

Though you might need to get special gear for climbing, you can always hire for those shorter sessions. But, if you are going to take it more seriously – which you should, considering the fun you’ll have and how fit you’ll get – buying gear might be the best option.

These are just two of many fun ways you can get fit in Cape Town this summer.

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