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The cardiovascular training helps to burn fat, but you need to train your muscles from different angles. And you need to form and shape your muscles. For every pound of muscle you add, your body will burn 50 more calories per day! Weightlifting is the perfect counterpart to your cardio workout.

Fat loss bookThe way to do this is to do moderate weight training. Again, this book is not about turning you into a world class bodybuilder or a super strong weightlifter.
It will only show you how you can achieve the best for your life.

It would be good, if you are a member in a gym. If not, you need to have a home-gym and the equipment. This is most likely an expensive investment. A gym membership has simply more advantages.

What you can do is get yourself a treadmill or a stationary bike and do your cardio days at home. Then you only need to go to the gym for your weightlifting days. That might save you some time, if a gym is not nearby.

If you arrive at the gym, then start to train immediately. Do not fool yourself and chat to people or stay at the juice bar all the time.

Avoid talking a lot to people (only when you need help). Once your training is done you can socialize.

With this training program you do not need to spend long hours in the gym. The entire training program per day should be done within 30-40 minutes.
So your weight training day will not take longer than your cardio training day.

You should split the body groups into 3 training days, in other words: You train your whole body once a week.

The training plan is only an example. You will find huge amounts of websites that supply you with training plans. Stick to this basic training for at least four weeks.

You can then start to add other exercises to the training. This will ensure that your training does not become boring.

As there are more than 700 exercises in weightlifting you should visit this website for some ideas:

You see that we use sets and reps (repetitions). This means that your should do a certain exercise for example 2 times (sets) and each time you do the movements for example 12 times (reps).
We start the week with leg training. There is a simple reason for this.

Usually the gyms are fully packed on Monday and for some reason, everybody starts with chest training on Mondays.

So you will have to cue in for certain exercises. Due to the fact that we do not want to lose time, we therefore start with the leg training.

My book will give you the very basic rules and guidelines to reach your target in losing body fat while maintaining or even building muscles.

You might be interested to download the preview sample (PDF, 1 MB) complete with cover artwork, table of contents, and several sample pages.

Start with a healthier lifestyle now!

Read here what readers say and learn more about the content of the book.

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