Freeworld Design Centre hosts South African street style exhibition

Exhibition "Street Style" at Freeworld Design Centre, Cape Town
Exhibition “Street Style” at Freeworld Design Centre, Cape Town

The Cape Town Freeworld Design Centre is launching their new exhibition Street Style on 26 June 2012. Get all the info here.

The Freeworld Design Centre is launching their new exhibition Street Style on 26 June (running until 10 August) at which time Ed Suter and Quivertree Publications will also be launching the visually gripping book Sharp Sharp.

The exhibition was inspired by Sharp Sharp, which is quite simply a full colour exploration of the South African street by Suter.

Street Style will showcase Suter, along with three local creatives who have put together individual design pods, each giving their interpretation of South African street style. These three creatives are:

  • Mak1one (Graffiti artist)
  • Asanda Sizani (Fashion editor: ELLE South Africa)
  • Jade de Waal (Food stylist and Top Ten contestant on Masterchef SA)

This exhibition and launch speak to quite a broad group of people and this is why I think your audience will find this of interest. At the same time, I’ve touched on a few points further as to why this may engage your audience:

  • As a photographer, Ed Suter’s photography uniquely captures the South African essence, the vibrancy and the energy.
  • The book is South African and speaks to the diverse nature of the country, the incredible “art” that we so often dismiss
  • The exhibition will launch at the same time as the book, tying the two mediums together by taking something that is inner-city and exterior and interpreting it, not only through print, but in an interior environment
  • Taking place at the Freeworld Design Centre, this hub of creativity reinforces its message in showcasing incredible South African talent.
  • Each of the local creatives has invested in the South Africa creative industry, each with their own unique message through the work they do and their exhibition pod.
  • This caters across age, race or gender. The exhibition and the book will get people talking about what street style is and their interpretation and also highlight the importance of street art, examining its impact not only within South Africa, but in regard to any country in an engaging, exciting and humorous way.

The book launch will take place on 26 June 2012 at 18:00 in the Freeworld Design Centre auditorium with beverages sponsored by jimmijagga. Libby Doyle of Quivertree and Ed Suter, author of Sharp Sharp, will be giving short talks.

The Street Style exhibition will open with the book launch and will run until 10 August 2012 at the Freeworld Design Centre (71 Waterkant Street, Cape Town). The showroom is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 17:00. Both the launch and exhibition are open to the public at no cost.

For more information on the launch and exhibition, please contact Kerstin Eser on 021 427 8900, or visit

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