Fun ways to stay active in Cape Town

un ways to stay active in Cape Town
un ways to stay active in Cape Town

Most of could do with more exercise in our lives. The problem lies somewhere between thinking “I should go to the gym” and actually going to the gym. That problem could be motivation, discipline and consistency, but it could also just be plain boredom.

Maybe gym isn’t for everyone.

Gym isn’t your only option for getting and staying in shape though. We tend to associate “exercise” with “gym”, but there are many ways to inject a little more activity into your weekly routine without it becoming a boring chore.
If you live in Cape Town, you are especially spoiled for choice.

Trail running – What other cities offer spectacular mountain trails within the city? Table Mountain is a stone’s throw away from the CBD, and there are many more trail running routes besides. This option might feel little too much like conventional exercise, but just think of it as a turbocharged hiking expedition.

Hiking – You could make it a project for a year to explore a new hiking trail in and around Cape Town every week and you still won’t exhaust all the possibilities.

The great thing about hiking is that you can go at your own pace. You can have a grueling five hour march over rugged terrain or a leisurely stroll that you can invite even your most sedentary friendsto.

Dancing – We associate dancing in a club with drunken nights but it can also be great exercise. A couple hours on the dance floor is excellent cardio and a good excuse to round up the girls.

Sailing – Sailing has an elitist connotation to it but it is a sport for everyone. No, you don’t need your own yacht to sail. You can take yacht courses in Cape Town to learn everything you need to know and start getting involved. Once you taste the freedom of sailing you will never look back.

Blokart sailing – This is a newly introduced sport that is popular in New Zealand. You ride around in a light, compact, three-wheeled buggy with a sail. It’s heaps of fun and a lot easier to get into than something like kitesurfing.Blokart sailing is still pretty new in South Africa but you can now experience it in Muizenberg.

Rock climbing – Rock climbing is an underappreciated form of exercise. You can either choose the scenic route of actual cliff faces with a tour group like Cape Climb, or you can conveniently do it indoors at climbing gyms like CityROCK in Observatory. If you really take to the sport, you will probably end up wanting to do both.

You don’t need to sweat it out on a treadmill listening to bad dance music to get into shape. That being said, it can also be problematic only relyingon”fun activities”. So how about a compromise? You can go to the gym once or twice a week to make sure you get your overall workout, but then still feel free to spice up your exercise with actual fun.

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