Funny story this month.

Lay’s Salt & Black Pepper
Lay’s Salt & Black Pepper

Thursday morning, our office Loop Street, Cape Town

– Receptionist: “Claus, there is a lady for you at the reception who wants to speak with you”
– Me: “I am not aware of having a meeting… ask her what she wants”
– Receptionist: “You better check yourself”
– Me: “OK, on my way.”

While on the way our admins where already checking what was happening there and some looked at me in a strange way…

Oops, I nice promo girl in a New York police officers uniform waiting for me at the reception (Ok, sort of a police officer’s uniform if a mini skirt and some deep cleavage would count.)

Me: “What the heck… ;-)”

So apparently Lay’s is doing a promo for a new taste of their chips and did deliver some to taste them. (This did unfortunately not include the girl.)

First of all thanks to Simba (Pty) Ltd and Atmosphere Communications for the nice surprise in the morning.

The chips did not survive long and all highly qualified chips testers in our office liked them.

Here the official text from Lay’s:

Lay’s has announced the launch of their limited edition Salt & Black Pepper flavor to add to their range of light, crispy and irresistible, flavored chips.

The ideal combination of salt and spicy black pepper will add zesty spice to the popular Lay’s range, which already includes favorites like Thai Sweet Chili and Caribbean Onion & Balsamic Vinegar. Salt and Black Pepper offers chip lovers an additional opportunity to enjoy that great Lay’s taste.

The exciting new flavor launch follows on from the reintroduction of Lay’s Salt and Vinegar, which was brought back due to popular demand as well as the launch of the 200g party pack in three flavors (Salted, Caribbean & Balsamic Vinegar and Spring Onion & Cheese) so there is now more to enjoy.

The new irresistible flavor will be available nationwide for a limited period between February and July 2013, at a recommended selling price of R12.99 in the large 125g packet only.

For more information contact Simba care line on 086 11 00097 or visit their website on

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