Get your workout technique right

Today quick 20 min stationary bike and leg workout. I did 8 sets of leg press and put more weight up for each set. Ended up with about 360kg, so I kept it light, as I usually try to get more then 400kg on the machine. The some leg extensions and some calf and abs workout afterwards. I am usually a bit careful with heavy weights at the day after I visit the sauna. Food as usual.

But today I want to remember you to always train with the right technique. I see a lot of people doing their exercises wrong. The do not know that wrong technique will only wreck your body after a while, especially the back.

A good example of how to train your shoulders will show you the following video. OK it is a professional bodybuilder and you will never look like Kai Greene, but I am sure this is not you goal. But he points out that a correct flow of your movement is the most important factor of your training.


Kai Greene Road To 2009 Arnold Trains Shoulders

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