Give Responsibly with the City of Cape Town

Simply SMS “GIVE” to 38802 to donate R10
Simply SMS “GIVE” to 38802 to donate R10

During winter, Cape Town is one of the coldest and wettest cities in South Africa, which makes life incredibly hard for the city’s 7 000 homeless people. We welcome your assistance to those who are less fortunate and living on the streets.

We are asking you to give responsibly by not giving handouts directly to street people, and instead donating to organisations that assist street people.

We know that you love our city and want to assist where you can, especially during the long colder months, and as a caring city we want to make sure contributions serve to assist recipients not just for a day or two, but in the long-term. Unfortunately handouts often keep the cycle going and encourage homeless people to remain on the streets.

With your help we can make a far greater impact by supporting organisations that provide shelter, meals, counselling and training to those who need it most.

From children to entire families, beggars are often vulnerable and by getting money handouts, they will continue to stay on the streets. We urge you to help them find safe shelter this winter. Simply SMS “GIVE” to 38802 to donate R10. And help us spread the message by encouraging others to do the same:

Thank you for helping us in looking after our city and its people.

A message from the City of Cape Town.

Making progress possible. Together.

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