Gym is boring? Tips for a better workout.

I had a seminar the other day and presented my book. A lady said that she really enjoys cardio training as she does her jogging sessions outside and not on a treadmill in the gym. I agree. This far more exciting and especially in the beautiful nature of the Western Cape.

She added that she really dislikes the gym and therefore is not doing any resistance (strength) training. She thinks the exercises and workouts are boring and everybody is training on its own.

I agree 100%. Now you are surprised to hear that from me, as I am recommending the gym for workout in my book.

Here my explanation: Yes, if you are training day in and day out with the same workout plan that was given you by a trainer when you joined the gym a long time ago then it is for sure BORING.

BUT: There are more than 700 exercises that you can do in the gym and this gives you a huge choice of creating a new training plan every day.

I am now training for more then 20 years and no two workouts looked the same. I only know what bodyparts I train at that day. I decide by the moment what will be the next exercise. I vary with the number of sets and reps each and every time.

Actually this also the way to keep your body surprised and not to adopt to a certain training, because if this happens you will not see any changes at all.

On top of this I change every few months my goals. I usually try to shape my body for the summer and try to get rid of bodyfat for a while, the I plan to go for more strength and set new goal like to press a certain weight at the leg press.

And I change the playlist on my ipod every month 😉

No seriously: I see a lot of private trainers every morning with the same clients and they train the same programme with them each week. If I would be the client, I would really compliant, but they do not know better and the personal trainers seem to be to lazy to be creative. If you go for a personal trainer remember my words.

So again. Try to vary your training. Your body will thank you in responding to your training and giving you nice sore muscles each and every day for the rest of your life.

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