Have you heard about the Umbono program of Google in Cape Town?

The Umbono program seeks to find the best start-up teams in Cape Town and provide them with top-tier resources to help drive their idea to market.

Google Umbono Cape Town
Google Umbono Cape Town

If you have an innovative, remarkable and exciting idea to bring to the internet, Umbono provides you with the platform to turn your vision into a business.

When your team is selected for the program you’ll be provided with mentorship, a dynamic and inspiring work environment, internet access and seed capital. Added to this, you will be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs all hoping to disrupt the internet ecosystem with their ideas.

The Umbono program lasts for six months. When you are accepted into the Umbono program, Google will give you $25k to $50k seed capital, so that your team can focus on developing your idea.

You will have access to an invaluable network of smart, driven, successful individuals. The network includes angel investors, Googlers, VCs and community mentors.

You will have dedicated workspace in Cape Towb with internet connectivity, meeting rooms, and most importantly – great coffee!

You will become part of South Africa’s definitive tech incubator, which will immediately increase the awareness of your business.

That sound almost to good to be true, but it’s true. And believe it or not: This program is only available in Cape Town – nowwhere else!

If you have a great idea you should contact them http://www.google.co.za/intl/en/umbono/

4th Floor, Woodstock Industrial Centre
66 Albert Road
Cape Town, South Africa

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