Hidden Gems of Cape Town – 5 Places that Are Gorgeous but Uncovered

Hidden Gems of Cape Town – 5 Places that Are Gorgeous but Uncovered
Hidden Gems of Cape Town – 5 Places that Are Gorgeous but Uncovered

Traveling around the world is a magnificent experience in life lived in every new chosen exotic destination. New places to discover with every new trip, local people and customs to find place in your range of knowledge and new world mysteries to pave the road to a life experienced from a different perspective – this is what traveling brings to life. When it comes to gorgeous locations like Cape Town, there is a land of magic that starts finding

When it comes to gorgeous locations like Cape Town, there is a land of magic that starts finding place in your mind. Today we will consider 5 of the most amazing hidden gems of Cape Town – places that are magnificent but not yet very popular among worldwide tourists.

The Wonderful Travel Experience at the 12 Apostles Hike
The first interesting gem of Cape Town is represented by the 12 Apostles Hike. It is located on top of Table Mountain, a great wonder included in the list of seven most beautiful places in the world. Cape Town city is built around this amazing natural mountain area. The view offered by it to those who wish to experience traveling from the center of this city is breathtaking. You can reach the top by traveling in a cable car. However, it is much better to experience this on foot because you will reach places that will offer you better insights on the area this way.

Get ready to walk on the amazing trails that begin at Hout Bay and find their ending point at the cable car station. Numerous possible paths to be considered for this trip exist and all lead up to the mountain plateau where the scenery will take you into another world and make you feel alive again. You can also choose to hike all the way up to the mountain and gain more from the outdoor experience meant to heal your body and mind. Do not forget your camera because you will want to take a lot of pictures there!

The Fishing Experience in Kalk Bay
Second on our list of hidden locations in Cape Town is Kalk Bay. It is located on the warm False Bay waters and it is all about a new, wild, passionate experience for fishing enthusiasts. You will reach the great slopes of the mountains in search of this great area and discover the most unique shops in which the history of the region has found a great place where to reveal itself.

The freshest fish in the region is found there. If you want to go beyond the fishing experience, you can also stop at the famous restaurant Brass Bell or the interesting Olympia Café to recharge your batteries for the next trip. In the evening, you can also listen to great local live performances or engage in karaoke sessions that will make you feel more relaxed than ever.

The Best Local Restaurant Experience at the Grand
The Grand is the most popular restaurant in the area. However, many tourists do not go there either because they have not yet discovered its great potential or because they may nothave discovered it by now. It is another great gem of Cape Town to add on your list of places to visit while being there. The best local food is served by local professionals and the surrounding scenery goes perfectly with the served food. Beach sand all around you, nice music for your ears and the best local dishes will turn this into a lovely dining experience.

A Great Walk on the Long Street
As the name suggests it, the Long Street is a great place for tourists passionate about long walks to consider. It can become the favorite Cape Town location for those passionate backpackers that are all about experiencing life on foot. The nightlife surrounding this street is vibrant and interesting to experience as well. A wide range of interesting places where you can simply stop for a drink with your friends is available in this region as well. This is what we call a perfectly relaxed evening atmosphere for those who enjoy a nice walk and an interesting local drink before going to sleep.

The West Coast Exploration Trip
On the West Coast of Cape Town you will find the legendary Blue Peter place where the surrounding sea is cold and the best pizza in the area is served. Spending an evening there is like entering a new world and letting yourself get lost for a few hours in which perfect relaxation can be experienced. You can also admire the scenery of the imposing Table Mountain from there or experience a gorgeous sunset that must be caught up on your camera!

It is time for the best experience of your life far away to South Africa where you can engage in the best holiday lets Cape Town adventure to treasure forever.

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