Whales win the rugby world cup!

Cape Town Whale
Cape Town Whale

After a bad start to the day with the Springboks finding themselves heading home I needed a picker upper. I and four other hikers – Susan Botes van Vuuren, Claire Raffray and her two children – set off from Kalk Bay station up towards Boyes Drive.

We crossed over the road and hit the mountain as soon as we had got our breath back from the many flights of stairs that threaded through the town.

Slowly we made our way to Weary Willy’s (weird name but the weary part is obvious when you eventually get there!)

We headed in the direction of Muizenberg and the path seemed to finally stop climbing as steeply as it had been for the first 30 minutes of the hike. We came to a fork in the path and thankfully our path was the straight and narrow as opposed to the path that runs straight up to St James Peak and Muizenberg peak!

The Pincushion proteas were all around us and teeming with Sunbirds and Sugarbirds busy at work as we silently took lots of pictures of it all happening meters from where we stood. The ocean lay behind us and in the distance, when we looked out, we could see one lonely yacht that seemed to be following us.

As we got closer to Muizenberg the path descended rapidly to reveal the most amazing views of the beach and all its thousands of sunbathers taking full advantage of the hot weather. But we were here for something in particular and were soon to be rewarded as we rounded the cliff edge back towards St James.

A Southern Right whale mother, about the length of a bus, and her new born calf were just 100m off the shoreline and we had the best viewing spot in town. Our cameras were quickly whipped out and we all went a little crazy with taking pictures. We had succeeded in getting what we come for, whale spotting, and it was if the mother whale was giving us a show for us, her only viewers. Truth is Boyes Drive below us had almost come to a standstill as hundreds of onlookers were experiencing what we were – although I reckon we had the better view point by far.

We slowly headed back towards Weary Willy’s and back into Kalk Bay feeling a lot better than when we started. Life can now go on until the next rugby world cup!

This guest post was written by Timothy Lundy. He has been hiking the mountains of Cape town since the age of six (30 years ago) with my father Mike Lundy. You may have heard of him and the few hiking books he has written over the years. Timothy has kind of stepped into his father´s roll and follows in his footsteps (so to speak).

He has started a hiking group on Facebook called “Hiking Cape town with Tim Lundy” (see http://goo.gl/sKz4g) which has been a great success so far. His future plans are to start up a website as well for Hiking Cape Town. Timothy is a landscaper by profession and his company is called Proscapes and has been going for 14 year now. The website is Proscapes.co.za.

Cape Town Active says thanks to Timothy for a great guest article.

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