Hout Bay – Judas peak hike

Hout Bay Judas Peak
Hout Bay Judas Peak

Sometimes in life we get tested physically and for me today was one of those days!

This hike has been one of the toughest I have done this year as well as one of most spectacular in terms of views and all round experience.

I set off with a great pace and I reached the first plateau in just 30mins.I thought I was making great time until I rounded the corner and reached the bottom of Llandudno ravine(half the distance in the same amount of time!).

I was only going to slow down further as I slogged away at the mind blowingly steep assent of Llandudno ravine. It took me 15mins to cover the next 300m of straight up. I was so glad I had my adjustable walking stick and new hiking boot with great tread to help me every single step to the top of the ravine. Trust me this is not a walk you ever want to try in takkies!

Every time I stopped to get my breath back I would turn 360 degrees and realize why I was so crazy to want to do this hike again. I had chosen one of the better days in winter to execute this trail. No wind and most of the way up in shade. No low clouds to block out the most stunning views of Llandudno and Hout bay.

As I reached the top Table mountain, Lions head and Robin island all came into view for the first time. It felt like it was just me and the mountains as I had only past two other people the whole day.It all made me so proud of the place I love to call home. The cherry on the top was that there was a slight hint of spring in the air too.

A short break at the top for lunch with the best view in the Cape(shared with “Blue” my Jack Russel). We headed back down with as much energy as we started but halfway down the energy levels were depleted yet again as my legs turned to jelly. We finished in 3:30mins and enjoyed every minute. Not a walk for the faint hearted !

This guest post was written by Timothy Lundy. He has been hiking the mountains of Cape town since the age of six (30 years ago) with my father Mike Lundy. You may have heard of him and the few hiking books he has written over the years. Timothy has kind of stepped into his father´s roll and follows in his footsteps (so to speak).

He has started a hiking group on Facebook called “Hiking Cape town with Tim Lundy” (see http://goo.gl/sKz4g) which has been a great success so far. His future plans are to start up a website as well for Hiking Cape Town. Timothy is a landscaper by profession and his company is called Proscapes and has been going for 14 year now. The website is Proscapes.co.za.

Cape Town Active says thanks to Timothy for a great guest article.

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