How many sets you should really do?

On Sunday I had a very special training. I had chest training on my list and felt a bit overtrained, because of the hard training sessions from the days before. I decided to do only one exercise.

I did Machine Chest Presses and nothing else. 2 sets for warm up and then 5 sets with increasing weight and decreasing reps starting from 12 reps down to 3 reps. After 20 minutes I was finished and went home.

Guess what? I had a very sore muscles the next day. Now my question: Is it really necessary to do 3-4 exercises with 3-4 set with lots of reps to do a full muscle workout?

Yes and No. My option is that you should shock the muscle with every training. And once in a while a training with only one exercise is a shock. But it only works if you focus on the exercise. Do every single repetition with perfect form: no jerking, no bouncing, no slumping…no cheating! You should feel the movement and how the muscle works a 100%.

Let me know about your experience with this.

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