How much weight will you gain over the festive season?

It seems to happen every holiday season. You attend parties and corporate gatherings to share a few festive moments with family, friends, colleagues and lots and lots of food.

Guess what? End of December your scale will be laughing about you.

So what do you do to avoid gaining weight over the holiday season? Or don´t you do anything and just enjoy the time? What is you average weight gain during holiday season?

And one valid point. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere it is cold, dark and really a Winter feeling. In other words Glühwein, fat food, lots of chocolate etc. Hard not to gain weight?

On the other hand: Here in Cape Town it is summer. Everybody is at the beach and showing his/hers beach body? ….. or having a nice braii with lots of borewurs… and here is the fat again plus lots of beer and party.

So better weather but same problem. Fun in the sun and gaining weight in the holiday season?

Lets discuss how you survive this year.

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