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Convert videos
Convert videos

I have asked Cape Town Active for the privilege of being allowed to guest blog so I can “plug” a FREE download I recently found and used – I assure you that I am not getting any reward for doing this – I‘m sure the Software/web site folks I’m writing about don’t even know I exist but I am so pleased that I felt compelled to share this unsolicited “review” on as many platforms as possible.

First, a very brief background on the situation.

To make a long story short, I wanted to put together a video message for my mom (aww how sweet).

The problem was the video clips were taken with an i-Phone (love, love, love my i-Phone) and I wanted to embed them into an MS Powerpoint slide show, sounds more boring than it is, I swear it’s a fun slide show and my mom will love it!  


I wasn’t able to simply embed my videos into the slide show as the tutorial available on Microsoft help suggested. I know Apple and Microsoft are mortal enemies — that may be overstating things but they don’t make it easy for people to like/use both types of products – but why must I get caught in the cross fire if I happen to use an Apple phone and a Microsoft PC.

But I digress…back to the story at hand…I got an error message about the videos not having a 64-bit codec that was required.  I know NOTHING about what a codec is but my first instinct was to go to ‘properties’ and see what kind of codec my videos had.

Sadly there was no information on the codec…probably because it’s not all that important in real life but obviously a critical factor for getting this stupid function to work!

Next step, I typed my error message into a search engine that shall remain nameless (simply because I don’t want to give them any more publicity than they already get – we’re in a fight at the moment because of how they rank websites in their searches) and found some information at of all places – although the gist of their advice was “find a third-party product and convert your file to our format”.

This is where my rave review comes in, I found the NCH Software website ( and quickly downloaded a free version (as long as it’s not for commercial use) of Prism Video Converter Software. It’s super user friendly and allows you to convert video files from/to AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV and others I‘ve never heard of.

Thank you NCH Software for being high on the search results (don’t get me started…) so I could find you and for having a free product available for novices such as myself to use in order to say hi to their mommy from far away ?  Keep up the good work!

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