How to Lose 7% Bodyfat in 12 Weeks

Winter is over in South Africa and my bulk up season as well. I have gained about 10kg / 22lbs in the last 6 months and have now about 18-19% bodyfat with 94kg  / 207 lbs bodyweight. When I started I had about 13-14%. In fact I did much better than the year before where I ended up with 26% bodyfat at the end of the winter.

So new goal set: drop 7% bodyfat in about 12 weeks. This will leave me hopefully with 11% bodyfat which would be really great, below 10% would be awesome.

I will start within the next 2 weeks with the diet and a new training / workout schedule. This year I will keep track of training, food and nutrition on this blog and on Twitter. You can follow me and even better join me and achieve some results together.

Subscribe now for the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter @shapeyourbody. It would be incredibly to have lots of people working on the same goal together.

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