How to make sure your festival experience is a safe one

Cape Town Music Festivals
Cape Town Music Festivals

The year 2014 is well under way in Cape Town and was no shortage of entertainment for Cape Town’s people during the first part of the year. It seems though like the more fun Capetonians have, the less they are concerned about safety.

With festivals like the Cape Town international Jazz festival as well the Cape Town Pride festival fast approaching, it is a good idea to put safety measures in place before the festivities start.  Here are a few safety tips to consider and to implement before heading off to a festival.

Preparation is key

While festivals are always amazing, there seems to be a sinister undercurrent, with criminals exploiting vulnerable festival goers who have indulged just a little too much. Every year a number of robberies are reported at festivals.

Unless you do not have an alternative, try to keep as little cash on your person as possible. Also keep other valuables like jewellery to a minimum. Keep a close eye on electronics (cameras and cell phones) as well as handbags.  If your children are attending, provide them with tags that contain their names as well as a cell phone number of a parent in case one of your children gets lost and are located by an authority.

Move in groups

It is a well-known fact that solitary festival goers make for easier targets. They are also targeted more often.  Whenever you are moving around on foot ensure that you do so in a group as this will discourage would-be robbers from approaching you.

Stay below the limit

If you are planning on enjoying a few alcoholic beverages, try to stick to the legal limit. Criminals will especially approach people who have had too much to drink, because an intoxicated person makes for an easy target. If you are planning to overindulge, book a cab to and from your home to ensure that you arrive at your destinations safely.

Alternatively stay over close by or nominate a designated driver in your group. Cape Town has some of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world.  These hotels are inundated with tourists every year during the festivals. If you are planning on going all out, why not makes use of one of the world class hotels in Cape Town.

Medical aid bracelets

Festivals tend to become somewhat rowdy and can be a hot bed for injuries. Having medical tags made for yourself and your family could literally be the difference between life and death. These tags are in case of emergency and could potentially contain critical medical information. Information such as whether or not you are insulin resistant or if you have any allergies could be of great value to paramedics.

photo credit: Zanthia via photopin cc

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