How to Manage your Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day

Manage your Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day
Manage your Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day

I earn my money as online marketing manager for a group of companies. Overall we are running about 60 websites for different products, markets and in different languages. For all our target groups we use social media. So again various social media accounts in different languages.

With this bunch of different accounts on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms it became extremely difficult and time consuming to maintain these on a daily level. I ended up spending most of my work day on social media.

So I started to look around for tools that possible could help me in doing this more effective and efficient. And I found a better way in doing it.I have put together a guide to give you examples on how to manage Social Media in a most effective and time saving way. It contains my personal best practice tips.

The ebook will show you step by step and fool-proof instructions how to successfully use social media tools that allow you to minimize the time you spend per day to use Social Media and be successful at the same time.

In the first part I will introduce the tools briefly, the second part will have a step by step guide, how you should do the setup and what to do afterwards.

If you are serious about Social Media, you should have a look. You can get the the guide at  and

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