How to start building muscle mass after a diet

Ok, summer is almost over (south hemisphere, Cape Town, South Africa) and the days are shorter… So it is time again to change the training and diet routine to winter modus 😉

You thing I am joking? No, I am not.

Remember I started in September 2009 with 95kg and about 24% body fat. Back then I started my diet and training to slim down and shape my body. End of November I was down to 85kg and 14% body fat.

I have maintained this and are now on 84kg with 13-15% body fat. My next goal is to put one some more lean muscle mass and go for 90kg with about 16-18% bodyfat.

As you know that you can be on a mass building diet and do not gain fat as well. Especially after almost 6 months on my diet it will be difficult not to gain a lot of fat. Because the body is like a dry sponge only waiting for food.

But after 5 months also my stomach is smaller and can to process big portions of food.

To put the issues together in a list:

  • My stomach is smaller
  • I can not eat big portions
  • I do not want to gain fat
  • I want to gain lean muscles
  • I already eat 6 times a day
  • I do not want to take drugs
  • I am 43 years old and my body is not full of natural Testosterone anymore

So it looks like I have a problem.

My solution to this? I have no idea.

No serious, after more then 20 years of training I know my body fairly good and will start to set up my mass building training plan soon. I will post it here. Also I will limit the cardio training a bit, but still will do it 3 times a week.

The main change will happen in the diet. More protein, more food, but still low on fat, even lower then before. So I will try to eat a higher amount of carbs and protein, and will concentrate on only good fat.

It will be a bit of a mission, but I am sure it is doable. And I will follow the goal of Kevin Levrone on his website (Kevin, I know you are following me on Twitter. Keep up the good work. I am sure we will reach our goals. As you say: It is all about visualization.)

Again, most of the principles you will find in my book (Quick Guide – How to lose fat and shape your body), but the hard work must be done by yourself. Reading does not burn fat or build muscles. And listen to your body.

If you want to join me or Kevin on our journey to a better body feel free to comment.

I will keep you updated. And follow me on my twitter account about training and diet for quick updates.

Btw: My shoulder training today was awesome

Chat to you soon
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