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Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle Fire

When the Apple iPad came out I was just as curious as everyone about this new tech device.

Well, I must say that I am not a big fan of the buzz that Apple creates around its products and the craziness that goes on whenever they launch a new product. Yes, I admit very well done marketing and also very loyal customers, but for me a bit like sheep who blindly follow and cheer whatever comes out.

So you can see I am not the biggest Apple fan. Still the iPad is a very good product, don´t get me wrong here.

Back to the idea of tablet PCs. I was wondering if the whole tablet PC concept will work for me and give me any benefit at all. So I decided a year ago to buy a cheap Chinese tablet from a manufacturer called Zenithink.

The tablet runs Android 2.1, is slow and has a lousy build quality, but I use it every day, mainly as an e-reader.

I found a application called Read-it-later and I really love it. What is does is, that it integrates into the Firefox browser and I can save every site/page that I want to read later into a Read-it-later reading list.

All this happens on my PC and I it happens a couple of times per day that I land on pages that interest me, but I do not have the time to read them. See the Read-it-later service as a kind of short term bookmarking tool.

So whenever I start my tablet PC it will synchronize itself with the Internet based Read-it-later database and I can read the content on my tablet. Important here that I can read it offline. It is much easier to read in the evening with the tablet PC in your hand then the whole notebook PC on your lap or chest.

The result for me now is that I can really use a tablet PC and it is not only a fashionable and expensive gimmick.

Problem here: I am not willing to spend R5000 (500,-USD) for a tablet device and think it is totally overpriced.

So I was watching the market as is was developing over the last months very carefully. One manufacturer after the other launched a tablet PC, but mostly Androids for a high price, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P4 Tablet. Which is nevertheless a very good product.

I was happy to hear when Amazon announced its Amazon Kindle Fire. It is exactly what I am going to buy, as it perfectly matches what I need.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is light (413 grams), small (7″ multi-touch display), fast (Dual-Core Processor) and has a reasonable price ($199.00).

The bad news: It will only be sold from 15. November 2011 and in the beginning only in the USA. But I have someone who can help me with this.

The good news: You can pre-order your Amazon Kindle Fire here. And you better do, if you want to have it before christmas.

If you have not seen the Amazon commercial yet, have a look now:



It’s Your Turn

What do you think? Do you like the Amazon Kindle or do you prefer the iPad? What would you recommend? Share your experience, ideas and insights in the comments box below with us from the Cape Town Active Blog.

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