Just. Move.

Hello, It’sAGuysWorld.com, readers. I am Jill Hickey and very glad to be here as a Guest Contributor.

My sister just texted me from a plane that she had not flown in awhile and “either the seats got smaller or she’s lost weight.”  Well, we all know the seats aren’t getting smaller.  She’s lost weight.  A lot.  Want to know how?

Moving. More. Eating. A. Bit. Less.

In weeks to come, I will share more about me and my story.   Bottom line, in 1993,  I started exercising every day and have never stopped. I don’t diet.  I do my sister’s “secret” formula, which has allowed her to lose— a lot.  (Good for her she wasn’t caught up in numbers.)

Move more and eat a bit less to stay fit.  Drink water.  And if you have a ‘heavy day’, add ten minutes to your fitness regimen and subtract a few bites.

Exercise is dear to my heart. It has been my friend when I have moved to new towns & not known anyone. It has been my saving grace to provide me energy when pregnant and exhausted or after having a new little one… and exhausted.   I can’t make a medical claim, but I feel exercising daily helped me in a swift delivery and rebound after having my four children, ages 12,11,8 & 21months.

My claim to fame, if you will, is that I did not take off even ONE day of exercising during the pregnancy with my son, born November of 2008.  I am not advocating this or bragging.  Simply telling my story and how much daily exercise means to me.

I am a certified Personal Trainer at my gym in New Jersey, USA. I have also just become Zumba Certified.  Most of what I will be writing to you about in coming months will be Zumba specific —as the Zumba fitness world is it’s own special moment.

Zumba is a dance fitness program based on international and latin rythyms created by Colombian dancer, Beto Perez… and it’s amazing!

More on this later.

In the meantime, it’s a joy to be here.

As my sister and I can advocate….

Just. Move.

Jill Hickey, the "NotSoSoccerMom"
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