Looks like I missed an awesome party

Shame, it seems I have missed an awesome product launch and possibly a huge hang over… (I had an invite but could not make it.)


So lately we are getting all these crazy new alcohol products to South Africa. (Don’t drink & drive. Be responsible!) Not even talking about all the great Microbreweries.

And they are getting creative in the product launches. Check out the video.

So this rum is called The Kraken Rum aka “The Beast”. Taking its name from the mythical sea beast, the Kraken, which is said to have wreaked havoc with tall ships and rum-running vessels throughout history and dragged god-fearing sea-men to watery deaths, the rum was named as to being as dark, strong and mysterious as the ink of the beast. (OK, that shouts for a hang over…, the press release is enjoyable to read, nice for a change… read on)

The result of a night out with The Kraken Rum is said to be similar to the experiences of those sailors who have gone eye-to-eye and toe-to-tentacle with this legendary behemoth. They are thrilled to have survived and look forward to ‘round two’.

While the smooth taste of The Kraken Rum certainly lends itself to be enjoyed as a sipping rum, it also works well as a key ingredient in a number of rum-based cocktails, and is perfect as part of simpler sippers such as the traditional Kraken and Coke or Kraken and ginger beer!

Now so cultish is the Kraken brand following in the USA that there are even Kraken games, videos, Kraken survival testimonials, charts that indicate the Kraken’s size, Kraken décor items and a Kraken App, amongst a myriad other things.

So now it is on you to have a good nite out and check out the Beast.

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