Luxurious Pongrácz chocolate pairing at Val de Vie Market

Luxurious Pongrácz chocolate pairing at Val de Vie Market
Luxurious Pongrácz chocolate pairing at Val de Vie Market

Sunday 16 March 2014,The Market at Val de Vie Estate

Tastings at 11h00, 12h00, 14h00 and 15h00

Indulge in pure luxury with an exclusive pairing of Pongrácz and fine, handmade chocolates at The Market at Val de Vie Estate near Paarl.

With the next market taking place on Sunday, 16 March, visitors can treat themselves to a tasting experience of three specially fashioned chocolates custom-made to bring out the unique flavour profile of Pongrácz Brut, Pongrácz Rosé and the award winning signature Desiderius 2008.

Start your tasting on a decadent note with the flirtatious and lively Pongrácz Rosé paired with a delicate Rose Geranium milk chocolate. The smooth cocoa and milk chocolate adds a hint of sweetness and lifts the fresh berry notes of the seductive Cap Classique. The romantic embrace of pure roses as the rose geranium flavour of the chocolate infuses into the Rosé leaves a delightfully refreshing and lusciously invigorating finish.

Next up, the crisp Pongrácz Brut is a refreshing partner for a velvety Roasted Almond and Lime white chocolate. The roasted almonds accentuate the biscuit and baked bread nuttiness whilst the lime lifts the fresh citrus and zest of the Pongrácz. Savour the full fruit and complexity of this delightful Cap Classique with all the flavours in perfect harmony.

An irresistible Hot Plum white chocolate matched with the luxurious prestige cuvée, Desiderius 2008, will be absolute heaven for your taste buds. The chocolate, with its full fruit on the nose and warm, tingling cayenne pepper on the palate, embraces this charismatic signature Cap Classique. A melding of flavours with great complexity, this combination is a wonderful mouthful of smooth creaminess and an explosion of tastes erupting in stages. The finish is divinely elegant and keeps the palate yearning for more.

The Pongrácz and chocolate pairing costs R50 per person and tasting times are 11h00, 12h00, 14h00 and 15h00. The Market at Val de Vie Estate takes place from 10h00 to 15h00 on alternate weekends. Be sure to diarise the next market dates:

  • Sunday, 16 March
  • Sunday, 13 April
  • Friday, 30 May
  • Sunday, 17 August
  • Sunday, 7 September
  • Sunday, 12 October
  • Saturday, 25 October
  • Sunday, 9 November
  • Sunday, 23 November
  • Sunday, 7 December

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