More pain, more gain

Today is one of these days where I really suffer. I had my leg workout yesterday. Squats with 185kg, leg press with 430kg etc. A strong and powerful workout.

Last night I could barely sleep as the lower back and legs very hurting, in a positive way. This morning it was fine, but at around lunch the sore muscles came in full effect. So Mission Accomplished. Really?

Is it really necessary to have this pain. Do one give more harm to his body than what is good?

Let me put it this way. There is pain and there is pain. If you are doing it right the pain will come from the muscles, if you do it right the pain comes from ligaments, bones etc. And this is fatal.

I am doing bodybuilding and weightlifting now for more than 20 years and can count on a fair amount of experience. I know exactly when to stop, how to train and how to listen to my body. This prevents me from doing stupid things and severe damage on my body.

On other words, the pain today comes from sore muscles and I can’t wait to go back to the gym tomorrow for my latissimus workout.

But I always need to take some issues into consideration. First I am older now and need more rest to recover. So I take my time and sometimes an additional day off if I have the feeling my body needs it. Which come again back to experience and listening to the body. Secondly I am a ectomorphic bodytype, means I will never look like Mr. Olympia or a professional bodybuilder, but that wasn’t my goal anyway.

And finally I set some goals over the year. First goal this year was 550 kg in legpress. I reached this goal and then decided on 180kg squats. Also this goal has been reached. Now the side effect: My quats are 4 cm bigger now, my legs are strong as hell and I have gained less fat in my bulk cycle than last year.

This will give me a good starting point for my summer diet which will start within the next 4-6 weeks (Do not wonder I live on the Southern Hemisphere). If you would like to join me with my summer diet and look shredded than stay tuned and register with my RSS feed.

What is you opinion. Is pain necessary with bodybuilding or not?

And for some motivation another bodybuiling video from Zhasni. Stay fit.


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