My Favourite Things to Do as a Cape Town Local

My Favourite Things to Do as a Cape Town Local - by Dalene Ingham-Brown
My Favourite Things to Do as a Cape Town Local – by Dalene Ingham-Brown

I’m a born and bred Capetonian and have the accent and friendly personality to prove it.

Of course, I’ve done all the touristy Cape Town things a few times already and almost enjoy the not-so-touristy things a bit more.

Here’s my list of favourite things to do as a Cape Town local…





1. Chilling in a park somewhere

Park life
Park life

There are loads of great parks scattered throughout Cape Town.

A few of my favourites just happen to be the ones you can enjoy for free. I’ve spent many sunny afternoons soaking up the likes of Wynberg Park, Noordhoek Common, Green Point Park and De Waal Park.

Call some friends, pack a picnic and the 30 Seconds.

2. Canoe in the Lakeside marina

Above: Safety first! Life jackets on!
Safety first! Life jackets on!

This is such a lovely thing to do on a lazy Sunday. Hire a canoe. Hop in. Paddle.

You don’t need a car already fitted with a roof rack to transport this bad boy, we hired one for about 50 bucks with our canoe. Neat.




3. Go to the beach

Time to build a castle and get a tan!
Time to build a castle and get a tan!

Beach time rocks. There are bucket loads of beaches scattered all around Cape Town. Pick one and have fun! My favourite – Fish Hoek beach.

On a Sunday you can watch the steam trail roll by on the tracks that run past the beach.


4. Go to the V&A Waterfront

A little waterfront fun
A little waterfront fun

Sounds touristy right? Yes, but it’s such a lovely place for Cape Town locals too though.

There’s putt putt, live entertainment and charters for just about everything leaving from the harbour every hour.

Did I mention the daily half price sushi and cocktail specials from Sevruga?

What’s not to love about the V&A Waterfront?

5. Check out the view from Signal Hill

The Signal Hill view
The Signal Hill view

I’ve taken the steep drive up to the Signal Hill parking lot for an ice-cream and a view many times.

It’s absolutely beautiful from up there, giving you a perfect bird’s eye view over a stretch of Cape Town.

If you don’t have the energy to hike up a mountain, or the finances to take a cable car… Signal Hill is your new best friend.

6. Hike to the Silvermine waterfall

Take one waterfall and just add friends
Take one waterfall and just add friends

Okay, it’s a bit of hike, but it’s really worth it.

Along Ou Kaapse Weg there’s a beautiful walk and mild rock climb down to where you’ll find a magical waterfall after it’s rained. Just add friends.




7. Visit the Iziko Museum

A little museum fun
A little museum fun

The Iziko Museum is such a visual playground.

It’s got every piece of South Africa’s natural history, plus there’s the planetarium next door! Love it.

8. Make friends in the Company Gardens

Nuts about nuts I guess…
Nuts about nuts I guess…

I’m a huge wildlife/critter/creature lover and the Company Gardens in Cape Town is the most relaxing, green place to enjoy a healthy dose of squirrels and pigeons.

It’s probably the most well-kept garden in Cape Town (after Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens of course).

It’s here that I’ve spend a good few weekend afternoons and most of my lunch breaks when working in the CBD.

9. Braaing in Tokai Forest

Practicing our ‘when-baboons-raid’ action plan
Practicing our ‘when-baboons-raid’ action plan

Unlike some of the other naturally beautiful spots that fall under Table Mountain National Park, you can braai in Tokai Forest all year around.

Sure, you get the odd troop of baboons paying your site a visit, but that’s what memories are made of!





10. Sandboard in Atlantis

The fun of the fall
The fun of the fall

On the outskirts of Cape Town is the sandy heaven of the Atlantis sand dunes.

The dunes are big, small, flat and bumpy – whatever you’re ready to tackle on a board smeared with Cobra wax polish.

I found a day out in the dunes to be a huge dose of fun and is a workout and half!

If you’re a beginner you’re going to want to bring your game face and a pillow to shove in your pants for when you fall… because you will fall. Trust me.



Author Bio

Dalene is Capetonian through and through, but her sense of adventure and passion for fun has seen her venturing out of the Mother City and into a string of great places in Africa.

After all is seen, done and photographed though, it’s back home to Cape Town where Dalene enjoys writing for two blogs that are themed around self-drive adventures and Africa overland trips.

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