My iPod playlist December 2009

I will try to update a monthly of my favorite songs and playlist of my iPod for the actual months.

Actually it is a bit difficult as from my 12.000 songs on my iPod quite a few are my all time favorites. But maybe you will see some new songs that you might like as well.

But lets start with the actual releases. The stars will tell you how much I like it.

  • Sade – Soldier of love (Album will only be released in Feb 2010)  ***** (yes. 5 Stars!!)
  • Usher – Papers  ***** (HOT)
  • Alicia Keys – Element of Freedom (Album) ***
  • Mariah Carey “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” (Album) ****
  • Rihanna – Rated R – (Album) ****
  • Make me – Janet Jackson  ****
  • T-Pain – Take you Shirt off *****
  • Prince (Zyon Seven) – Triple Play Mix ***** (HOT)
  • Robbie Williams – Reality killed the video star (Album) ****

And some old time favorites:

  • Luther Vandross – Songs ***** (Album)
  • Depeche Mode – Violator **** (Album)

I will check out the new album from R. Kelly – Untitled next week.

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