My reward day Monday 07. December 2009

Today I had my free training day, no workout, no cardio. I had two very good workouts and long walks on the weekend. My body needed a break. So I have had a good sleep last night and will start with a 40 min cardio training tomorrow morning again.

You should always listen to your body. If you have the gut feeling that you need to have a break and give the body the chance to recover, you should do this. But this only if it is really necessary. This is not excuse for being lazy.

Food intake was as normal.

7.00 breakfast with oatmeal and branflakes, fat free milk, coffee

10.00 coffee, water, protein bar

12.30 lunch Spaghetti Bolognese with vegetables

16.30 protein drink

19.00 dinner, light chicken sandwich

21.00 plain joghurt with banana

So stay focused on your food, whenever possible. This was my reward day, so I was allowed to eat even junk food, but I didn’t. Keep that in mind.

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