Mzansi Rise Up


In South-Africa every four minutes a woman is raped, everyday in South-Africa women are physically & emotionally abused and shockingly the South-Africa’s violence against women rate highest in the world. Something is definitely terribly wrong in our new democratic country.
Women abuse, oppression and violence are the core wounds that foreshadow all other problems in the world, from poverty to the destruction of the environment…


Mandisi-Zane-MaqetukaThus I Zane Maqetuka (TV Personality) has decided to take action together with other SA Public Figures and rise up and be the voice of the voiceless. As a Child whose been  admirably brought up by a single parent (Mom), it is my duty as a Man to lead by an example and instill in other Men’s minds, that women are the corner stone of our ethical upbringing and they need to be protected, loved, respected ,acknowledged and appreciated in our different societies at all times.

As a young vibrant creative motion picture Producer/Director, I have teamed-up with one of the top TV production companies in Africa (Homebrew Films) to produce an inspiring and galvanizing 37 seconds national #Stop Rape TV PSA that encourages all People, especially Men to rise up and be role models in their own communities and consider their own attitudes and behavior and the role that they can play in preventing rape in Mzansi.

The ‘’Mzansi Rise-Up’’ Stop Rape TV PSA content illustrates it vividly that Men physical strength is not meant for hurting instead for caring, our fame & popularity in our societies should not lead us to take an advantage of young & vulnerable women, our high positions in our different work places as Men should not serve as a key point for sexual favors from women and also emotional abuse from men is not welcomed in our life time..Above all, the Mzansi Rise UP TV PSA is appealing to every citizen in South-Africa to take ownership of their own country and make it a better place for everyone who lives in it.

The Mzansi Rise Up #Stop Rape TV PSA is currently on You Tube under the Zane Maqetuka channel, it is called #Stop Rape & Violence TV PSA, and we urge everyone in Mzansi to share the link with everyone that they know, so that we can start to amplify the spirit of peace, unity and morality in South-Africa and never lose sight of the values that our own father of the nation ‘’Tata Mandela’’ stood for.

We also hope that all the local and mainstream TV broadcasters will be in a position to airplay this TV PSA so that it can reach out to every home in South-Africa.

This #Stop Rape TV PSA includes TV Personalities, radio Personalities,  Lawyers, Police and Pastors…They all came onboard to render their services voluntarily including public figures like : Africa Melane – Chester Missing – Andrea Dondolo – Siv Ngesi – Gift Gwe – Mark Haze – Monde Bambelo – Jade Campbell – Vuyo Ntlangu –  Conrad Koch.

Other role players who have made the production of this PSA a possibility includes the 15 On Orange Hotel > they helped with the shoot location & catering..Costume Hire company > helped with the Public Figures attires and also the shootonline photography for onset stills.

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