National Braai Day 2011 Cape Town

How cool is this: National Braai Day gives away 60 lambs in 60 days

Cape Town National Braai Day 2011
Cape Town National Braai Day 2011

The organisers announce that they will be giving away, on the National Braai Day Facebook page, one whole lamb every day until National Braai Day on 24 September – that’s a total of 60 lambs.

Every day, fans of the National Braai Day Facebook page are invited to answer a simple braai-themed question by commenting on the page’s status for that day. The draw takes place using a random number generator online and the winner is announced on the page the next day.

The logistics of delivering 60 lambs all across South Africa is also simple, according to Jan Braai, the man behind the National Braai Day initiative, “We simply identify and phone a local butcher in the daily winner’s town, village or city and pay that butcher to make all the necessary arrangements for delivery.  It’s then up to the winner to decide whether to take a whole lamb ready for the spit-braai or to ask the butcher to make certain cuts and chops.”

To get your lambs got to or follow @janbraai on Twitter

Sounds like fun 😉

For more info visit:

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