Nestle Purina Petcare South Africa is greedy

Nestle Purina Petcare
Nestle Purina Petcare

Do not get fooled by Nestle Purina Petcare South Africa!

I am angry and this is seldom. You must know I own a dog. My beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback Scott. And I know lots of dog owner in Cape Town as well.

So you want to know why I am angry?

Here is the story. When I arrived in 2007 in South Africa I can remember that a tin of Nestle Purina Husky dog food was about 6.99 Rand. I bought it ever since as my dog likes it. Over the time I watched the price quite closely and today in an average Pick n Pay or Checkers store you pay about 17.95 Rand!!!

So Nestle managed it to triple the price in less then 4 years. Well done. If I break it down you guys double the price each year.

And now what make my really pissed about the Nestle Purina Petcare guys. Not only the price is going though the roof, also the content of the tin has changed. See the image (click to enlarge).

In a 775 g dog food tin is about 75g of liquid, in fact is is water, not even gravy. This is 10%. So they fill the can with 90% dog food and add the rest with water. In other words I pay 1,80 Rand for 75ml water!!! This must be the most expensive water in South Africa. And it only started a few months ago.

Before that Nestle Purina delivered can a full of meat.

Now I guess the management of Nestle South Africa might have new fleet of company cars and need more money. Or whatever.

Matter of fact, I am pissed of the way you guys from Nestle try to fool you customers when the buy Purina Husky Dog Food.

I will now change to another brand and not buy the products of Nestle Purina Husky anymore. And I will ask the dog owners to do so as well.

Maybe the Nestle management will check their production lines or their company guidelines and deliver a good product with a good price ratio in the future again.

So do not get fooled by Nestle Purina and look for another product for your dog, unless you want to waste money for expensive water…

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