New Programme of Leopard’s Leap Cooking Classes – ticking all the boxes!

New Programme of Leopard's Leap Cooking Classes – ticking all the boxes!
New Programme of Leopard’s Leap Cooking Classes – ticking all the boxes!

The Leopard’s Leap team introduces a new programme of Cooking Classes that will delight the foodie in you and inspire the hesitant cook to explore some new culinary territory. These classes are a wonderful way for food enthusiasts to fine-tune culinary skills, introduce new techniques and ingredients and to stimulate kitchen creativity.

Chef Pieter de Jager invites you to join him, fellow chefs, passionate suppliers and even food bloggers in the Leopard’s
Leap kitchen for a jam-packed programme that introduces the versatility of Franschhoek trout, ex-plores the exceptional food-pairing properties of Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay Pinot Noir, uncovers the secret of perfect pastry and marvels at the wonderful winter flavours of the Winelands.

During the hands-on classes Chef Pieter explains ingredients, demonstrates techniques and encourages partic-ipants to prepare the recipes themselves. After the cooking session, participants are invited to relax and in-dulge in their own cooking crafts – all beautifully paired with Leopard’s Leap wines as selected and recom-mended by Leopard’s Leap Cellar Master, Eugene van Zyl.

Classes are repeated to offer a morning class with lunch or evening class with dinner (please see programme below) and take approximately three hours. Presented from the state of the art and exceptionally equipped kitchen, classes can accommodate twenty-two enthusiasts at individual cooking stations with their own stove and utensils. The chef’s every move can be followed on big screen television sets while printed recipes serve as guidance on the day and when trying the newly acquired skills at home.

Reservations are essential, are confirmed by upfront payment and should be made at least a week in advance at +27 (0)21 876 8002 or
Classes cost: R650 per person
Morning classes start at 10:00
Evening classes start at 18:00

JANUARY- The Joy of Small Plates
Due to popular demand, Chef Pieter presents another edition of his Spanish Tapas class. Learn to cook a wide variety of Spanish favourites and find out how to maximise the flavour on each small plate. Try your hand at the delight of baby squid, juicy lamb cutlets, delightful pork belly and the versatile go-to in any kitchen, the frittata. Be inspired by Mediterranean ingredients such as olives, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and get carried away by innovative plans with seasonal produce.
• Thursday 28 January, Morning class and lunch
• Friday, 29 January, Evening class and dinner

FEBRUARY – South American Road Trip
Take a trip to the culinary haven that is South America and learn to cook the classic dishes of Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela. Exotic sounding names and real flavours are what it is all about. Prepare ceviche or moqueca with fresh seafood or celebrate the exceptional quality of beef found in this part of the world with anticuchos and empanadas.

• Thursday 4 February, Morning class and lunch
• Friday 5 February, Evening class and dinner
• Saturday 13 February, Kick-off your Valentine’s weekend with an exciting morning of cooking, tasting and eating for you and your loved one, while mastering the art of preparing and enjoying an authentic South American breakfast. And yes of course, breakfast or not, we will enjoy perfectly paired Leo-pard’s Leap wines! (Class starts at 09:00)

MARCH – Ticking all the boxes with Franschhoek Trout
Seasonal, sustainable, locally sourced and very versatile. Franschhoek Trout ticks all the boxes. Celebrate the beauty of this delicate and delicious fresh water fish with the celebrated local Three Streams Smokehouse and try your hand at preparing trout in all its forms – cured, smoked, grilled…

• Thursday 3 March, Morning class and lunch
• Friday 4 March, Evening class and dinner

APRIL – Palatable Pink
One of the Pantone colours of 2016, is PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz, a delightful shade of pink that echoes the pretty blush of the Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay Pinot Noir. To show that pink can be more than pantone – it can also be perfectly palatable! – Chef Pieter teams up with celebrated food bloggers, Lizet Hartley (Melkkos & Merlot) and Carey Erasmus (BitsofCarey). Each of them will be guiding guests through a different course, from savoury to hearty to sweet. All dishes are inspired and will be beautifully complemented by the Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay Pinot Noir.

• Thursday 14 April, Morning class and lunch
• Friday 15 April, Evening class and dinner

MAY – Perfecting Pastry
Buttery but delicate, crumbly but structured, savoury or sweet, traditional or fashionable, perfecting the art of pastry is no easy task. Renowned for her skills in the pastry kitchen, Chef Vicky Gurovich of neighbouring Pier-neef à La Motte restaurant will share some secrets to sharpen your skills and inspire your repertoire of cakes, desserts and pastries.

• 5 May, Morning Class and lunch
• 6 May, Evening Class and dinner

JUNE – Winter in the Winelands
Seasonal cooking at its best. Chef Pieter introduces the flavours, textures and atmosphere of winter in the Winelands with steaming ‘waterblommetjies‘, hearty stews, slow-cooked splendours and many more.

• 2 June, Morning class and lunch
• 3 June, Evening class and dinner

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