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On Tuesday 10/26, I had the opportunity to interview a very popular Zumba instructor on my radio show.  Eileen Bastien was instrumental in organizing and leading a’Party In Pink’, which is Zumba’s term for a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser.    Three intrepid Zumba instructors came together 3 years ago to find a way to dance for the cause.  The event has grown and this year they hosted over 500 people and raised nearly $11,000.  Imagine that many people dancing and sweating together on the gym floor at Chelsea Piers in New York City.

I was fortunate to be there. The feeling of doing an amazing workout with like-minded people could only be outdone to know that the monies raised will help find a cure to breast cancer someday.

Zumba as a corporation has put great focus in to breast cancer awareness and charities. They have a page on their site where people share stories.  This one is particularly inspiring and gives a crystal clear example of how Zumba extends from a simple workout to a way of life.

From’s website:

Fran has three sons and a husband who works abroad. Her youngest son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and uses a wheelchair. She started taking Debbie Zumba class in Upper St. Clair, PA in January 2008. Fran was looking for a way to stay fit and relieve stress, but what she got was so much more. In October 2008, Fran, who has no history of breast cancer in her family, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Invasive Breast Cancer. Fran told Debbie about her diagnosis and how much she wanted to keep taking Zumba. Fran scheduled her chemotherapy treatments on Wednesdays so as not to miss her Tuesday and Thursday classes. She never missed class during chemotherapy or radiation and only missed four classes because of surgery. She was never sick and experienced only minimal fatigue. Now almost 16 months cancer free, Fran credits her remarkable recovery to her family, her cancer care team, Zumba and the support of her instructor, Debbie. She came across a saying by Vivian Greene during her treatment, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Fran is proud to call Zumba her dance.

My mission to be a resource for beauty and fitness via my radio show and website.  In addition to hosting Eileen Bastien, Dr. Craig Jacobs, a Manhattan chiropractor who’s clients include the US Postal Service, joined the conversation.  Dr. Jacobs is using innovative techniques such as acupuncture and myofascial release to help people live pain-free lives.  We talked specifically yesterday about foot health and relief from fibromyalgia.

You can listen to this informative show by simply clicking this link.

Not So Soccer Mom Zumba Eileen & Dr. Craig Jacobs10-26-2010

Jill Hickey is a mother of four, Zumba instructor, Personal Trainer, Radio Talk Show Host &Writer. She can be found on and

Have a great week and check out for more inspiring Breast Cancer/ Zumba stories and to find a class near you.

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