No Fairy tale for Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Katy and Russell's happier times

Another day, another Hollywood marriage bites the dust. Pop star Katy Perry and comedian turned “actor” Russell Brand are saying their I donts.

After weeks of speculations that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks, a spilt has been confirmed, with Russell Brand filling for divorce on December 30th 2011

The reason for the spilt? Drum roll please…Irreconcilable differences (Really?! I didn’t see that one coming).

Shortly after filing for divorce, Brand released a statement confirming his spilt to Perry and that he and his estranged wife would “still remain friends”. Katy Perry on the other hand has remained pretty tight lipped about the spilt, even being MIA on twitter (where you at Katy?)

However, although Perry might not want to discuss her divorce, her parents have no problems doing so… with Katy’s mom being reported as saying that the divorce was “a gift from God” …Umm OKAY.

I on the other hand was really rooting for them… even though I felt as though Katy and Travis McCoy were so meant to be!

Whatever happens let’s hope things don’t get too messy, but if they do Ms perry can always go back to “kissing girls”!!

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