Nobody Will Read This Because…

Useless Blog Post?
Useless Blog Post?

This is the most useless blog post of the year and nobody will read it.

Why? The answer is easy.

If you are in Cape Town you will be either in a mall to do your Xmas shopping and spend all your money.

– Or you are at the beach and enjoy “La Vida Loca”.

– Or you are in a car on your way to your holiday destination.

– Or you are in Europe and suffer from the economic crisis.

Either way, you are not going to read this as South Africa is on holiday. And if the Mayans were right you will not read it after the 21. December 2012. So depressing.

So why I am writing this blog post?  
By now you must think I am depressed,frustrated and suicidal at the same time.

Nope, not at all. Because there is a small chance that you might read this with your smart phone 😉

We have optimized the Cape Town Active blog for cellphones – lucky you (lucky me)!

So if you are standing in a long cue in a mall or being bored at a beach and reading this, please let us know  where you are and what you do.

Simply leave a comment on this page and make a hard working editor happy.

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