Not feeling well on workout days?

No, article the last days. I was not feeling well. And here is the story. It might help you next time you are not feeling well.

I had a great leg workout on Friday and a good Cardio on Saturday. Food as usual. So nothing special. But then on Sunday I was feeling weak and tired. I slept half of the day. No, I had no hangover 😉

I did not go to the gym on Sunday. And I did not stick to my diet. I ate chocolate and whatever I had the feeling I needed to eat.

On Monday I had a bit of a hard time in the morning. Again no gym, but I walked a long distance with my dog and was sweating like crazy. A sign that my body was fighting something. No idea. No flu, no cold, stomach ok. Maybe some kind of African virus that my European body did not know so far.

On Tuesday I was better and almost ready to hit the weights again, but decided to relax one more day and drink a lot of water.

Wednesday morning I started my training again and everything is back to normal.

Why do I tell you all that stuff?

Simply it shows you that you should listen to your body and not force the body to exhausting training sessions when you are not feeling 100%. It will harm your body more than it will help.

Listen to your body. Sure not every training is the same and on some days you might only be a bit tired, but still you can do your workout and might feel better afterwards.

But definitely do not train if something is feeling not well. So take your time relax, do whatever you have the feeling you need to do and take things easy. You are not a professional body builder.

Once you have fully recovered you can start again and a few days break might not make you fat.

But do not use this as an excuse to avoid your training. Not feeling well and being lazy are two pair of shoes.

What do you do when you are not feeling well?

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