The Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town

Old Biscuit Mill Cape Town
Old Biscuit Mill Cape Town

I’m originally a Durban Gal, and when I moved to Cape Town there was one very definite agenda on my mind: Go visit the Old Biscuit Mill!

I really had no idea what it was all about, only that everyone spoke about it and the food was to die for. Let’s face it, anything with good food perks my ears up and gets them wriggling.

So, only one week into Cape Town, I found myself heading down to this red brick building in the industrial part of Woodstock. When we arrived I had only allowed myself a small bowl of plain oats, so determined was I to save all my energy into devouring all the delicacies on offer. I hadn’t even had coffee yet, THAT is how far my dedication reached.

I was not disappointed. First, a quick dash to the cappuccino stand for my daily caffeine fix. I was not really going to be able to function without it, especially in this new and exciting environment. I needed to stay focused.

Everyone had the same idea and I was hoping I wouldn’t spend my entire time waiting in the queue but the coffee guys were very quick and efficient and receiving my cup was much appreciated and needed. The place is known for its fresh and organic food and they take pride in making sure everything is local.

We took our time walking around and looking at everything that was on offer, however it was obvious that I’d have to come back quite often to actually get a chance of tasting everything. I may even have drooled a bit. Once the caffeine was finished, the boys got themselves a beer and the girls rushed over to get some wine.

A quick glance at my watch told me it was 11.30am, late enough to start the festivities. Another glance showed me that everyone else had the same idea. Not only is this a place for food glorious food, but it’s also a fantastic meeting spot to sit, chat and people watch.

After the wine, came the food, then the chocolate ice cream. I left satisfied, fat and desperate for more. This warm and friendly market is open weekdays from 9am until 4pm and on a Saturday from 9am until 2pm. Arrive hungry.

Guestpost by Christine Bernard,

Words: Christine Bernard
Pictures: Warren Bernard

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