Panarottis – More than Just Pizza!

Cape Town Panarotti Pizza
Cape Town Panarotti Pizza

When you think of Panarottis, you’ll probably be envisioning their delicious range of cheesy pizzas, or their warm-baked pasta dishes. At least that’s what I remember about this restaurant the last time I was there, and that was about a year ago.

If you haven’t been to Panarottis lately, do yourself a favour and get there. You’re in for quite a treat. I was pleasantly surprised by the changes and expansion to their menu.

Having recently discovered a slight intolerance for wheat, going out to eat has become extremely frustrating. South Africa is still a little behind in terms of having gluten-free options available to their diners and customers – in both restaurants and take-out venues.

I was delighted to find gluten-free pizza bases available on Panarotti’s menu. I don’t remember seeing this option a year ago. Finally, a restaurant that offers gluten-free pizzas to those of us who aren’t as lucky to simply eat whatever we please. Kudos to you Panarottis!

If you’re not in the mood for pizza or pasta, don’t fear – Panarottis have it covered. Their new menu includes breakfasts, light meals such as their chicken, avo, cold meats, olives and crisp bread platters, meat dishes (including ribs), chicken dishes and a yummy range of desserts.

This is fantastic news for families who want to go out for a meal, but who also want more options available to them, than the usual pizza, lasagna or Greek salad dishes.I’ve always found the service at Panarottis to be extremely friendly, fast (unless they’re very busy) and the food to be of excellent value for money. Their Italian-styled food contains delicious and quality ingredients, and they seem to know exactly what their customer base is looking for. Well done to their Marketing and PR team!

The “WOW” Factor

While we were enjoying our food, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of extremely large pizzas being carried past our table on gigantic trays. These looked fantastic and are a new addition to Panarottis – they’re known as Monsterito Pizzas, a very fitting title! Customers can choose any pizza on the menu, and this is made to almost half a meter wide in size – talk about a large pizza!

Getting the Kids Involved

Panarottis has always been known as a family-style restaurant as it’s both warm and inviting. They’ve gone a step further into making things fun and exciting for the little ones at the table, by offering a “Dough” it Yourself pizza. Sadly, this is currently only available to children – though I suggest that they consider creating a couple’s “dough” it yourself pizza as well – this would be a winner for sure! A tray of ready-made pizza dough and an assortment of toppings are brought over to the table. What fun these children must have in decorating their own pizza, right there at the table! In what other restaurant are you able to do this? Sheer brilliance!

Did You Know?

The first Panarottis store opened in Tygervalley, Cape Town and was launched in December 1990. Today, Panarottis have 52 outlets throughout South Africa and 6 abroad, including Namibia and Australia. Check out their website at

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