Personal Trainer on Steroids

Woah, quite a few days without a blog post. Sorry for that. I was quite busy or just too tired in the evenings. Will not happen again. So here is the topic for today.

I came across the news that two Springbok rugby players have been tested positive on for steroids. Hmm, not really surprised.

Ok, I must admit I am European, have not much of a clue about rugby, but there some things that I know. If guys in their mid 20th look like a Canadian forest worker or a team of the SA weightlifter team, run 100 meters in 12 seconds or so and are in team with 30 other lookalikes then something might be strange.

Now add that there is a lot of money and pride involved. And they play and train very frequently and go through a fair amount of pain… and failure is not an option. I would reckon that in this sport steroids are a supplement of their diet and not only on national level. I think it starts at local level with every young boy who wants to become a bit better than the rest.

Yes, this is only my personal opinion and now half of South African rugby fans will hate me for this.  Wait a second, I am not finished yet and maybe you get my point still.

When I arrived in South Africa in 2007 I joined a gym and was wondering how the average fitness athlete was build. Coming from a old school bodybuilding gym with semi and professionals bodybuilders working out there, I found no real bodybuilders here. Only guys that looked like medium size weightlifters. And some personal trainers that for sure had used steroids for their own purposes.  I learned that this is the rubgy bodystyle. Ok, no complains here so far.

It was nothing new for me to see personal trainers on steroids, I even remember back in Europe some of them making a good income in dealing with the stuff… Anyway, but I think in a livestyle gym it is not really the right place to have “pumped” guys running around as personal trainers… I think it is not a good example for others, but that is not the point.

So back to sports and steroids. If the officials of all sports where steroids are possible are used (and I think it is in every sport where money is involved) are honest they would be able to find a better way to deal with it. I am supporting the idea of having a “non steroid” league in every sport as it is with “Natural Bodybuilding” and  a “try all you can” league.

So then at least it would be fair, instead of having guys on juice and other struggling because they are clean. And guys who just have bad luck at a day of testing would not be punished and sent home, while their team mates were just lucky that day, but on the same “juice” as them.

So let´ s discuss. Would be a clean and a second roids league in every sport an option?

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