Pizza – Healthy or Unhealthy?

I am preparing my dinner and was just thinking about this.

Pizza is one of the most favourite foods for most people. Is Pizza heathy or unhealthy for someone doing fitness training? I always try to choose some fresh toppings and add tuna or chicken to it, but can not do it without cheese on the top. So is this bad or not?

Is Pizza a Healthy Food?
Is Pizza a Healthy Food?

I would like to know from you what you think and what recipes you have for a healthy pizza. Or do you not eat pizza at all?

Please tell me how to make a healthier pizza. Use the comments section to dicuss this and share your option on healthy pizza.

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One comment on “Pizza – Healthy or Unhealthy?

  1. I read that pizza becomes healthier if baked longer with higher temperature. More antioxidants are relased that way. I can’t find that article, I guess it is because it is new and it can’t be yet found using search engines.

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