Power Plate – Good or nonsense

A while ago we got a couple of Power Plate machines in the gym. (Power Plate® is the premium vibration-exercise machine). I tend to complety ignore things like this. Believing that I am old skool. Nevertheless I am a curious person.

So I started about 4 weeks ago to play aroun with it. Actually with now idea what it is, why it should be good for me and stuff like this.

My first idea was, that it possibly could help me with less sore muscles on the next day when doing my heavy weight leg workout. So I started to use the Powerplate as last excercise for 3 sets doing squats. At the next day I still had sore muscles… I did for the last 4 leg workouts and 3 should and back workouts.

Any difference? Did it change anything like the producer states, like increasing strength, flexibility, metabolism and circulation. Not sure. But it did not harm. Maybe I need to do it for a while to see results. I do not believe that you can achieve the same training results in 10 minutes that you usally get in 45 min hard training. But again it does not harm.

So I will use it for some more time and keep you updated on the results.

But more interested is for me if you have any experience in using Power Plate machines. Tell me you opinion and let me know how you use these.

increasing their strength, flexibility, metabolism and circulation.
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