Preparing for the Cape Town Cycle Tour

Cape Town Cycle Tour
Cape Town Cycle Tour

It may be hard to believe, but we’re nearing the time when summer explodes back into our lives. This is when we’ll be most active and engage with the outside world and all the spaces it provides.

Winter and colder days have kept fitness enthusiasts indoors – even if we’ve not stopped, we’re still restricted by bad weather. But that’s about to change. And with that change, the applications for the Cape Town Cycle Tour opened, indicating to everyone it’s time to start training.

What is it?

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is the world’s largest individually-timed cycle race celebrating its 40th year in 2017. The route totals 109 km, as it winds through stunning scenery of a warm Cape Town. The race is renowned for its beautiful backdrop, with the iconic Table Mountain always looking down at the cyclists.

In 2015 the race was shortened due to fires, but 2016 saw the full route – ideally, 2017 will be the same. The route starts around Hospital Bend and will end in Camps Bay, a stunning journey regardless of transportation mode.

How to prepare

Capetonians, or those in Cape Town, are already at an advantage. They already have a sense of the landscape. One of the best ways to prepare is, of course, to take the route – or its equivalent – from beginning to end. We must get to know the various road types, sudden rises and falls and how to navigate the terrain.

But that presumes, for example, we’ve looked at bicycles for sale and purchased the right ones. We must speak with consultants to get the best deals. We should also find out which are the winning bikes and read interviews with past winners.

Before we apply, we should also already be beginning a strict fitness regimen, focused on health and a proper workout. We can’t afford to waste any time in getting into shape and, importantly, maintaining it. It’s time to start early, waking up at dawn, getting the bike out and putting our feet on the pedals. The only way we’ll do better is by actually doing it. Doing it early means our workout does not have to interfere with our actual work.

The CTCT is hard work for even the toughest opponents, but there’s no reason we can’t apply. It’s an ideal to strive for and makes for great motivation. There might not be a shred of a chance of taking first place, but participating and completing is also important. This isn’t actually about the race itself, so much as using it as an excuse to see the beauty of Cape Town and stay healthy. We need any and every motivation we can to stay fit, after all.

We have plenty of time to get ready, since it is only next year. But the months are right and the weather is becoming perfect. It’s time to get on our bikes, start that fitness plan and get healthy today.

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