Pulsa’s One on One Interview with Driemanskap


Hey all you Cape Town Beauties!
It has been a minute since my last blog entry, so I felt it necessary to blog back with a BANG!
What’s more banging than an interview with Cape Town’s number one hip hop group Driemanskap!
For those of you who are not familiar with Driemanskap, they are a four man crew, made up of individuals Dla, Ma-B, El Nino and Redondo.

The group, which was formed in 2001, has rhymed their way into the hearts of many Capetoinans with the rest of South Africa starting to take note.

With a killer rhyme style of isiXhosa combined with English and Cape Flats slang, it is hard to label Driemanskap as anything less than Authentically Dope.
Here is my one on one with Driemanskap.

Tell us about how Driemanskap was formed and what you guys are all about?
It all started out in High School year 2001 as there was a talent show
where El Nino, Ma-B and Ayanda (who has since left the crew) were
encouraged to part-take and become recognised. From there on, Ayanda
left the crew to pursue another career then Redondo joined the crew
and later then, Dla became part.
We are all about social commentary.

Your music can be described as raw and maybe even street. Do you guys find that it is harder to get your music played on mainstream radio because of this?
Yes, it is very hard to get our music played by these radio stations. We’ve
been rejected by Metro FM and told that we were not urban enough.
Getting play listed on these mainstream channels is tough because we
refuse to conform to wackness.

You guys have enjoyed a lot of underground success in terms of the streets knowing and reppin Driemanskap, and recently the Joburg “commercial” scene has started to take note… How does this make you feel?
It’s always a good feeling to know that people are finally beginning
to recognise and acknowledge the truth. It’s about time (over a decade)
and we truly appreciate the warm reception and respect.

You recently got into the studio with African music legend Ringo… How did that come about?
Ringo was introduced to our material and liked what he heard, so a
close friend of his and mentor to us (Mthetho Tshemese) facilitated
the hook up and since the Real recognise Real, a collaboration came
about. This was a real honour for us and we will forever be
Any plans on recording a sophomore album in the near future?
We have already recorded our second album; it’s scheduled for release sometime this year.
It’s entitled: Hlala Nam

What’s the one thing that people would be surprised to learn about Driemanskap?
That we are ordinary guys that you would bump into around the corner
or maybe even on your street, chill and hang out with for a good time.
We don’t place ourselves on a big horse…

What are your thoughts on the current state of SA hip hop? Do you think that there will come a time when SA hip hop can stand on its own rather than trying to mimic what we see abroad?
We just need to move together as a collective and join forces. In that
way we can build a better future for SA Hip Hop

What’s an average day like for the guys of Driemanskap?
An average day is like: Beats, Rhymes and Studio Time

Favourite thing about living in Cape Town?
Being close to Family

Europe has been taking note of Drie, with a feature in several European publications, any plans on touring that side of the pond?

We would love to cross those boarders; we are still looking for that opportunity to seize.

Ma- B recently released a solo mixtape, are there any plans for solo projects from the rest of you guys?
Ma-B’s projects serves as a curtain rise to our next Album, it’s not
like we shall all be dropping solo projects for the trend

What’s next for Driemanskap?
We are getting ready to shoot our next video for the track: iVamna
(Love Potion) sometime in Feb.

To purchase Drie’s first album hit up their Label’s site www.pioneerunit.com

If your on twitter follow:
Driemanskap – www.twitter.com/Driemanskap
Myself- www.twitter.com/Pulsa_UrbanPro

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Pulsa Out

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