Puppetry productions at the Cape Town Fringe Festival: OUT THE BOX returns

2 weeks until Out The Box Programme.  2 weeks until Out The Box Programme at the Cape Town Fringe.  2 weeks to book your seat. So book now and secure your seat!
2 weeks until Out The Box Programme. 2 weeks until Out The Box Programme at the Cape Town Fringe Festival. 2 weeks to book your seat. So book now and secure your seat!

UNIMA South Africa is pleased to announce that OUT THE BOX will be presenting  five puppetry productions – three children and two adult; a Giant Puppet Parade and Puppetry Workshops at the first ever Cape Town Fringe Festival, 25 September – 5 October 2014.  

Audiences can look forward to award winning puppetry productions that tell inspiring stories, showcase the magic and skillful art of puppetry and take you on an imaginary and visual feast. The puppetry productions were curated by the same dynamic duo, Janni Younge and Aja Marneweck who originally organised the internationally renowned Out the Box Puppetry and Visual Performance Festival and they are excited to be able to offer puppetry experiences on existing festival performance platforms. Says Christa Robijn, Director of UNIMA South Africa: “ The OUT THE BOX team are looking forward to bringing award winning puppetry productions to art festivals around the country, creating more awareness around the multi dimensional impact that puppetry as an art form has and establishing more performing opportunities for the puppetry community.”

The children’s productions are not to be missed and the stories are delightful, entertaining and an opportunity to engage children’s imagination and introduce them to the magic of this versatile artistic expression. Bokele and the Sun is based on two African creation stories where Jill Joubert and Isabelle Grobler perform with puppets created from assemblages of found objects.  Jabulani and the Book has an energetic and vibrant cast from UNIMA’s Active Puppets programme and takes the audience through the wonderful world of stories and books. Qhawe is for the whole family and the exquisitely designed puppets of the Masiphumelele Community theatre group promise to be a visual spectacle of music, laughter and adventure.

Adult audiences will be treated to the award winning puppetry production Elnora & Nirvana, performed by Nieke Lombard – a Fiesta nominated up and coming artist – and has been described as a “journey of life that encompasses unusual elements, that in short time unfolds stirringly in front of you”. Award winning Mamela Nyamza first presented Wena Mamela in Berlin as part of a residency programme and audiences of the Cape Town Fringe festival will be able to get a peak of this work which is to premier in Berlin later this year.

OUT THE BOX will be offering two unique puppetry workshops by Jason Potgieter and Rodger Titley. Jason Potgieter, writer, actor and puppet theatre practitioner presents Hidden Life, an investigation into the kinetic potential of neutral materials as a means of exploring the fundamental principles of puppetry.  Suitable for theatre students, emerging and professional artists who wish to broaden their experience of puppetry in a practical context, Hidden Life will look at manipulation concepts central to all forms of puppetry and how they may be applied to transform the inanimate into the apparently living.  Renowned South African creator of puppets for film, live performance and festival workshop events, Rodger Titley will be presenting a unique workshop on eye making for puppets. Participants will learn how to create and manipulate eye movement controls with eye blinks. All materials included in the workshop.

To book a workshop, please contact the UNIMA office on 021 801 1909 or email Cindy active@unimasouthafrica.org

Performance ticket prices range from R 50 – R 80. To book tickets, please visit www.capetownfringe.co.za/ticket-info or call the Cape Town Fringe box office on 086 000 2004 or email boxoffice@capetownfringe.co.za

For the full festival schedule and venue information, please visit www.capetownfringe.co.za


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