Reason why this is the perfect time to visit Cape Town

Reason why this is the perfect time to visit Cape Town
Reason why this is the perfect time to visit Cape Town

It’s December, and many countries around the world are already covered in snow. The good news is, that’s not the case in Cape Town. If you’re looking to get away from the cold and spend Christmas on a beach, this is IT. Cape Town in December is warm, pleasant and packed with locals and tourists around this time of the year. Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be spending a fortune on flights and accommodation. Plan your holiday with at least 1 month in advance, and your wallet won’t “suffer”. Here are some of the best things to do and places to see in Cape Town in December.

Camps Bay is perfect in December

Cape Town’s Camps Bay is a must-see. The trendy suburb is just 7 minutes away from the heart from city. It packs lots of accommodation facilities (for both budgeters and luxury travelers), restaurants, endless coastline, and abundant vegetation. Couples and honeymooners will love it because it offers the most breathtaking view of the Twelve Apostles mountain range. The Camps Bay beach is one of widest, wildest, and most diverse in Cape Town. Onsite, you’ll come across beautiful beach bars, promenades, and luxury hotels that will just take your breath away.

Table Mountain – adventurous trekking

Also, known as Cape Town’s Watcher, Table Mountain is yet another must-see place of interest during this time of the year. If you’re not into hiking or trekking, you can get to the top with the cable car. The overview from plateau is breathtaking! The prominent landmark is edged by the most stunning cliffs. The rich biodiversity and abundant vegetation is omnipresent, meaning that regardless of the season you can still admire predominant fauna and flora. There are lots of protected areas around Table Mountain, as well as a World Heritage Site with over 2,200 plant species.

Design Delights

Cape Town is surrounded by human creativity. In 2014, the city was given the title World Design Capital. There are lots of interesting things you can explore regardless of the season. The brightly-painted facades of Bo-Kaap are a must-see. Located in Signall Hill, the borough used to be known as Malay Quarter. Right now, the township is a preferred attraction famous for its British-styled houses, Islam mosque, and cobbled stone streets. Go beyond the city center of Cape Town, and explore the urban landscapes.

The nearby villages, charming towns and fascinating wine estates will make your trip even more thrilling. Franschhoek and Stellenbosch estate are the two most soothing vineyards in Cape Town. Travelers have lots of cottages and resorts where they lodge in, as well as a wealth of exclusive restaurants that promote fine dining. Spending Christmas here is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Silvermine Nature Reserve

Located in the Table Mountain National Park, Silvermine was once a “silver mine” that the Dutch tried to explored back in the 17th century. Right now, the reserve is an excellent trekking spot with leisurely walks and serene landscapes for nature lovers. Although you are not allowed to bathe in the waters, tourists are permitted to explore the caves. Peer Cave is a top attraction that offers a dramatic viewpoint of Noordhoek and the sea.

An exquisite place for history lovers

Cape Town’s history is fascinating. Make time to explore the District Six Museum and Robben Island, South Africa’s symbol of freedom and hope. Once a terrifying penitentiary, Robben Island is not a beautiful museum. The acclaimed Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years the maximum-security prison. As for District Six, the museum exhibits lots of galleries that emphasize various dark phases of the country’s history. Among several other cultural places of interest in Cape Town, we should also mention the South African Museum, the National gallery, the Planetarium, and Diamond Museum.

Visiting Cape Town in December is ideal for those that want to escape the cold winter temperatures in the Northern hemisphere. The city is vast, diverse, and multi-cultural. There’s something for everyone here, including fabulous nature reserves, museums, and entertainment. Some of the best villas in South Africa are in Cape Town. Make an advanced booking and prepare to experience a memorable trip for this holiday season.

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