Recycling Cape Town

Recycling Cape Town
Recycling Cape Town

On Saturday morning I was in Woodstock to bring my recyclable garbage to the drop off place.

I always wonder that there are always only a few people around. The same exercise in Germany and you will have to cue in on a Saturday morning to get rid of your recyclable garbage.

So after having this I drove of to walk the dog to Milnerton Beach / Woodbridge Island. And the picture shows you what I found there. Hundreds of empty plastic bottles and all kinds of plastics on the beach.

The beach was full of waste.. Not what you expect from one of the top travel destinations worldwide.I was a real shame and I was very sad to see such a mess. Not sure if a ship dropped the trash or where it come from, but it will go back in the sea and will for sure kill some animals in there.. And it will take nature hundreds of years to get rid of it.

So here my call to all Capetownians and visitors of our great city: “Reduce, reuse, recycle” !!! Please do so and you will help us to save nature and keep the enviroment clean.

Please find below some links that might help you, in case you do not know where to drop your recyclable or what falls under this category.

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