Review: Boxing Event in Cape Town

Cape Town Boxing Event
Cape Town Boxing Event

You might remember the info about the Boxing Event at the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay as while ago. Well we have been there and it was great fun.

The Rotunda hall was well filled with Boxing Fans and I must admit that the fights were quite good. I really did not expect great technical boxing at all. But I was wrong.

Yes, the one or other boxer had a bit of a odd boxing style, but overall it was a great sports event with fair boxing guys.

Wim did some very good photos… just about 600 or so 😉

I would like to share just a handful with you to give you an idea of a great boxing event in Cape Town and I wouldn´t mind to see such events more often.Cape Town Boxing at Bay Hotel


Review: Boxing Event in Cape Town



Cape Town Active Blog says thanks for a great event.

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